Heikin ashi scalping forex

Find out the other benefits and download heikin ashi scalping forex free copy. CQG are certainly top tier, but they do come with hefty monthly fees.

Established in 1996, Infinity Futures is a US based regulated futures and FOREX brokerage firm. Oh yeah, and NO monthly software fees or minimum usage requirements. I can personally attest to the outstanding level of service I have received. A Day Trade Margin Disclaimer. Note: the lower the day trade margin the riskier the trade. Trading Futures, Options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions invoices substantial risk of loss. He is also a Chicago-land native, competitive mountain biker, adventurer, and ASU Sun Devil.

What are the commission rates for the Infinity Futures platform? I’ve been looking for a low commission rate platform for a while because the rate on the thinkorswim platform is way too expensive. Thinkorswim starts you off very high for futures commission. On top of that they don’t actually place resting orders on the exchange they sit in house so speed is an issue and there is a lot of slippage, especially on market orders. Not to bash Thinkorswim, they just don’t emphasize their futures business, options are their forte.

That being said Infinity is lightning fast, best data feed I’ve found aside of TT or CQG that charges hefty monthly fees in comparison to the incremental speed difference, which in my case doesn’t make much of a different. Anthony, my broker, has substantially lowered my comm. I can’t guarantee that the same will happen for you, but down the road as you increase size they will work with you. In the beginning don’t let the commissions bother you, focus on your setups and becoming consistent, but Infinity is definitely my broker of choice for futures trading. If you contact Infinity and ask for Anthony Giacomin and tell him you found him through me, Tim Racette he could work with you to find a happy medium. If so, what was your opinion?

If not, would you ever consider doing so? Seems like both platforms are very close to offering the same features. I have not executed orders through TS. Other traders I’ve talked with who use TS say good things about it. Once I landed on Infinity Futures I was so happy I stopped my search. I am new to future but have trade Forex and am debating broker between Infinity and Global Future.

Infinity there will be a quota to be met each month in compare to Global Future is not. What is your opinion for a person like me whose is still have a JOB and new to future market? Infinity is fantastic, the customer support is great, and lightning fast data feed. I’ve never had issues and there are no monthly fees. If you ask to talk with Anthony Giacomin over at Infinity he will be able to help you more and answer any specific questions you might have.

I also want to express that I really like your video tutorial. It is really an educational. Been through most of the site so far. Good stuff and congrats on the trading FT. After exploring some platforms, was inquiring about APEX Futures. Apparently, they were a part of Infinity.