Harmonic pattern forex trading

Today i will share with harmonic pattern forex trading with chart pattern mt4 indicator. Harmonic trading strategy best for long term trading with scalping indicators. Mt4 indictor with iml harmonic pattern svanner detect best buy or sell signals.

I’ll show you right here hey you decad right the one-hour time frame I barely use that I use that more of an entry more or less. I only use the one hour if it’s in conjunction with the four hours in the daily, but just for that as a signal. The whole thing with training is you want to take low-risk high-reward trades. Let me go through like an example with NZD JPY. This is on adding a chart guys right and it paints a nice batch structure.

Somewhere now your entry zone even though it says like up here. You would obviously put your stop-loss above here which would be anywhere. Let’s let’s say from here to here a good 100 pips let’s say 88 let’s just say 80 pips. Just to round it up so you’re risking 80 pips that’d be your stop-loss to potentially net through three hundred and fifty pips to five hundred pips. I mean like risk 80 to potentially win 500 sounds like a good risk to reward ratio to me right.

Cheat sheet with harmonic patterns indicator and candle pattern most accurate trading system. You have to use it conjunction with your own analysis fs scanner harmonic. Your own basic market analysis alright guys so you can’t forget this with your confirmation with your entries everything. But don’t just make your trade solely off of this but it is an enhancer.