Forex trading applications

Download plugins and scripts to extend the power of your FXCM trading platforms! Your cart has no items. Want real-time data on what other traders are doing in the market? 19 symbols directly forex trading applications your charts.

The Trading Session Hours indicator highlights the trading sessions directly on the chart for the New York, London and Tokyo. The boxes are automatically drawn. This Add-on plots onto charts information directly from the Economic Calendar. Both past and upcoming news releases appear on the corresponding candlestick.

Hover the mouse pointer over each candlestick for information on the previous, forecasted and actual data from each economic news release. You want to practice good risk management and set stop orders to close out losing trades. One way to do this is to limit the risk of each trade to a percent value of your overall account balance. Now you can get the sentiment of your trading peers plotted right on your chart. Unlike major equities or futures markets, there is no single centralized exchange for forex trading.

The Trading Central Indicator is an easy-to-install customizable indicator designed to help traders make informed decisions. The Trading Central Indicator allows users to see Trading Central’s strategies directly on the Trading Station Desktop’s charts and to fill in orders based on Trading Central levels. The Donchian Channel indicator is used to identify price breakouts above or below recent price history. The indicator plots recent high and low price boundaries. Any time the current price breaks above or below that boundary a trading opportunity may exist. The Donchian Channel strategy was made famous by the Turtle Traders during the 1980’s.

ATR examines a recent period of price data and computes the average price range over that period. A higher ATR indicates higher volatility. View charts customized to any time zone. Each new candle updates to the local time automatically. What is the market trend and when should I enter? This is a question asked by all traders.